Corporate Self Defence Courses

Effective self protection training tailored specifically to your requirements.

Protect’s corporate programmes can add significant value to your business and to the wellbeing and confidence of your team. Whether you require functional self defence training for frontline staff, or are looking for an interesting and valuable activity for a conference or team building session we have an option available for you. We offer everything from a one-hour short course or talk to staff, to a full day or multi-day programme of theory and practice, and everything in between depending on your needs.

Protect teach real-world self defence strategies designed for people of every age, shape, size, and ability. Our unique, and specifically designed programmes for corporate and business clients will empower your team with the skills and confidence to protect themselves from violence or the threat of violence, and we do it without the fear mongering usually associated with self defence courses.

Protect’s programmes are engaging and interesting and realistically address the physical as well as the often-neglected psychological, behavioural and emotional components of violent/potentially violent confrontations.

Our clients include companies and organisations as diverse as Telecom New Zealand, Auckland Council, NZ Customs, Gilmore Brown Chartered Accountants, Porse Nanny Care Network, Auckland District Health Board, NZ Police, Kensington Swan Lawyers, BIC (NZ), Chapman Tripp, MIT, DDB, Professional Bar and Restaurant School, Adhesif Print, and many others. All have benefited from Protect's expertise in providing self defence and self protection training to their teams.

Protect’s concepts are easy to learn, with a simple and relevant approach to theory, and simple concepts that are quickly mastered and readily retained for when they are needed. There is no requirement for any level of physical fitness and age is no barrier to our training.

Protect’s unique programmes can include training on the behavioural, psychological and emotional aspects of conflict and violence. This training results in heightened communication and decision making abilities under pressure which can be applied to all areas of the participant’s life and add additional value to your business.

All of our programmes are comprehensive and address self protection holistically to give participants complete value that can be applied immediately. Protect’s programmes are not based on martial arts or aggression, they are based on researched and proven principles and concepts which actually work.

We can deliver a programme to your company anywhere in New Zealand. There is no minimum or maximum number of attendees required and no special equipment needed.

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"I really enjoyed the seminar. Awesome presenter, learnt a lot of
simple and effective skills. Just a really good experience. "

- C Tuia - Manukau Leisure Centres