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Phil Thompson

Phil Thompson is the co-founder and International Director of Protect Self Defence. He is the author of two influential books on self defence, a keynote speaker and highly regarded self-protection expert. Phil leads seminars and instructs a huge variety of clients and students in Protect programmes all over New Zealand and further abroad.

With over 20 years experience in his field, and in-demand speaker, trainer, and advisor he has helped empower thousands of people with the skills and confidence to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Phil believes that beyond the physical, effective self-protection involves a variety of behavioural, emotional, psychological, ethical and legal aspects. To understand them all is to truly feel safe.

Clients include members of the general public, as well as professionals not new to violence, such as Police (including special units), ambulance officers and other emergency services personnel, NZ Customs staff and other government agencies. He has also served as a consultant to government departments on training module design for at-risk staff. He regularly teaches corporate clients, businesses of all sizes, schools, special needs organisations and everyday men and women concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Phil has appeared on several national television programs and is widely regarded as the nation's leading expert on the topic of self defence/self protection. His unique perspective on self defence, developed in part by his own life experiences dealing with real violence and conflict, has pioneered a new standard in the industry. Phil can be contacted at phil@protectselfdefence.co.nz

Darcy Mellsop

Darcy is the Protect Self Defence instructor for the Wellington region.

Darcy’s energy and passion for reality based self defence and the protection of others is soon obvious in any session or talk he presents.

As Protect’s Wellington based instructor of group classes, seminars and private instruction sessions, Darcy has over 10 years experience in martial arts training, achieving a second degree Black Belt in ITFNZ Taekwon-Do and being certified as an ITFNZ instructor.

Darcy’s skills in self defence, as too his ability to teach, go considerably beyond his martial arts ability.

Pursuing his personal interest in teaching, coaching, mentoring and the personal growth of others has provided the impetus of Darcy’s study in university and much of his professional life.

Darcy’s passion and energy for reality based self defence emanates through his instruction to create dynamic and empowering courses. Darcy creates a comfortable learning environment, is first aid certified and provides personal attention to each participant to ensure they fully understand all aspects of the course.

To share Darcy’s personal mantra: After all, it's not about what I know at the end of the course - it is about what you know.

Darcy can be contacted at darcy@protectselfdefence.co.nz or on 021 701 848

Protect Accredited Trainers and Instructors

Protect have a passionate team of over 50 Instructors and Accredited Trainers throughout New Zealand. Whatever your requirements, there is a team-member available and ready to assist you. Contact the Protect team HERE

"You should be very proud of the work you are doing and the added protection you are providing people and their families."
- Nicki Farrow