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Phil's Crazy faces: What do they have to do with keeping you safe?

Jim, our Protect Instructor in Australia, is one of the top self-defence instructors in the world.

Apparently, he also has a strange fetish for taking still video shots of me in freaky expressions. He sent me this pic last night. Should I worry?

Funnily enough, that pic represents the majority of people's attitudes to learning self-protection; Just shut the eyes, refuse to look or think about it, and hope it won't happen.

That attitude, just so happens to be what predators hope for and target. An unprepared person in denial or with an apathetic attitude is a perfect target!

Protect Adage:

"Of all of the protective strategies out there, denying the threat even exists has to be the worst of all."

At minimum, learn the behavioural and psychological aspects of self-defence, if not the physical. If it is done right, it will not create fear, it will build confidence, reduce anxiety and worry, and let you see danger more clearly.

Accept the possibility and learn the warning signs. You owe that to yourself.

Have an awesome day!


Ps. For framed versions of the attached pic, signed with a lipstick kiss from Jim, contact us.

Pps. You are not a person in denial because...You're part of the Protect community. Well done!

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