best defence

Courses, workshops, and seminars for businesses of every size nationwide.

best defence

Courses for schools and colleges throughout New Zealand including training options for students and staff.

best defence

Self Defence Courses and seminars for women, men and children nationwide.

Protect are New Zealand's leading training organisation providing highly effective courses, workshops and programmes to corporations and businesses of all sizes, Government departments and organisations of all types throughout Australasia. Our courses are also safe, interesting and enjoyable!

Protect's Self Defence, Empowerment, and Personal Safety programmes and workshops enable you and your family to recognise, avoid, diffuse and - if absolutely necessary - defend yourself against real world violence. Our programmes give you the confidence and skills to know that you will get home safely whatever the circumstances (without creating un-necessary fear). It’s that simple.

Protect’s programmes are safe, interesting and highly valuable to everyone of all ages and in any profession. Our programmes are built on four pillars: Avoidance, De-escalation, Physical response, and Post-event issues. Protect’s programmes are built on 4 pillars: Avoidance, De-escalation, Physical response, and Post-event issues. We teach you to recognise and understand the behavioural, emotional and psychological aspects of real world violence, without having to live in fear or constant worry, and give you strategies to help avoid potential violence at its earliest point. If it cannot be avoided we train you to defuse and de-escalate potentially violent situations if possible, and when a physical response is absolutely necessary, we prepare you with realistic physical skills that work under stress and pressure in any situation and environment.

Protect's founder and International Director, Phil Thompson, is the nation's leading expert on the subject of self defence/self protection and violence prevention. He is also New Zealand's only officially approved Senshido instructor, recognised as one of the top methods of self defence in the world. With over 20 years' experience, he has trained thousands of people from every walk of life from corporate teams of all sizes, CEO's and celebrities, students to police officers. Protect's instructors are highly trained in all aspects of self protection, personal safety, empowerment, and violence prevention.
'Whatever your self-protection goals, Protect offers
a course to educate and empower."
For corporates and businesses nationwide:
Protect offer a variety of courses and options for corporate clients nationwide including Self Protection/Self Defence courses, Armed Hold Up Safety courses, Conflict Resolution courses and Keynote Speaking. Protect deliver courses every day to corporate clients as diverse as Auckland City Council, Fonterra, Telecom, BIC (NZ), Porse Nanny Care, medical centres, and dozens of others with outstanding results and feedback.

For schools and organisations nationwide:
Protect offer tailor made courses for schools and organisations throughout New Zealand. Options for secondary schools include self defence courses for students, self protection courses for faculty, and a ‘train-the-trainer’ course for P.E. & Health teachers.

For the public:
Protect provide comprehensive self defence seminars, courses, private instruction, and regular group classes to all members of the general public throughout NZ.

The Safe For Life programme is designed specifically for women and focuses on personal safety and rape/sexual assault prevention. It is officially endorsed by Rape Prevention Education (formerly Rape Crisis) and has helped empower thousands of women with the skills and confidence to stay safe.

Best Defence is open to everyone and provides a comprehensive toolbox of psychological and physical techniques for identifying, diffusing and defending against violent attacks. It provides you with realistic self-defence techniques and the chance to advance through a clear programme structure as little or as far you like.

Protect also provide a unique, cutting edge course to educate kids about safety and self protection. With the aid of parents and/or caregivers, the Guardian Angel programme delivers child protection education in a fun and interactive environment.

Protect also offer regular Group Classes for people who want ongoing training in a friendly, supportive, positive environment.