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Armed Holdup Safety

Effective and relevant training to keep your staff safe in a robbery and protect your business.

Armed hold-ups can affect any business which handles cash or merchandise, and incidences of these crimes are on the rise. 

Protect’s Armed Holdup Safety Course prepares your team to deal with the situation as effectively as possible to ensure their safety and the safety of all others present. This half day course utilises positively framed training techniques and structured scenario based exercises designed to provide immediate and retainable value to attendees. The course is engaging and interesting and prepares your team to deal with the situation from a tactical, emotional and behavioural perspective. The increase in confidence by attendees can also have other positive benefits to your organisation in terms of team cohesion, morale, and empowerment. 

This is a vital course for all businesses who are at risk of a robbery. Increased security measures are important but offer no guarantee that a robbery will not occur. For your team to be prepared they need the right training. On this course attendees will learn:


  • An Understanding of the dynamics and stages of an Armed Hold-Up

  • Behavioural skills and strategies to increase the safety of everyone present during an armed robbery

  • Strategies to help stay calm and in control throughout the robbery

  • Strategies to deal with the psychological impact of an armed robbery

  • Key points to enable attendees to capture identifying information which can assist Police in apprehending the offenders

  • How to treat evidence and make the scene safe

  • Precautions to reduce the risk of robbery

  • Experiential Training (voluntary)


This is a highly effective, simple to understand course which provides immediate benefit to all attendees. The value added to your organisation is huge, not only by preparing your team to stay safe in the event of a robbery, but also through reduced psychological impact meaning less cost to the organisation, and increased brand protection. 

We can deliver this course anywhere in New Zealand. 

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"Coures was both valuable and informative.


- F Sola - Manukau Leisure Centres

"Very valuable experience. Knowledgeable staff, fun, and lots of interaction.

Good experience."

- K Lee - Manukau Leisure Centres

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