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  • Will the training actually work?
    Absolutely. 100% of the material taught by Protect has been tried and tested in real world situations. There are no fancy ‘Ninja moves’ or complicated skills to remember as these things fail under stress and pressure. The training is realistic, relevant, and cutting edge as we are constantly up-skilling and researching the latest methods and tactics from all over the world. This means that everything your team learns is immediately applicable and retainable and actually works in real-world environments.
  • What level of Fitness is required if the course includes self-defence?
    None. How easy is that? Our physical protection skills are applicable for every fitness level, age, body type, size and strength. They are simple, and highly effective for everyone.
  • How strict are Protect’s Health & Safety standards?
    In a word; Extremely. We have very strict Health & Safety standards and these are not flexible. We hold ourselves to the highest levels of International Best Practice to ensure your team are always physically and emotionally safe at all times. Protect hold ISNETWorld certification, which is a very difficult accreditation to earn and maintain and this is constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure our standards stay high. We have worked with over 30,000 Corporate and Government attendees over the past decade and are very proud of our 0% injury rate.
  • How physical do the courses get?
    That depends on which course and structure we are delivering. De-Escalation (verbal self-defence) and Awareness-Focused workshops, Keynote Talks, and Armed Holdup Safety Training have no physical component to them. Courses with a ‘self-defence’ component do have physical involvement, which is done in a safe, controlled and structured environment which moves at the attendee’s own pace.
  • How are sessions run?
    Protect are proudly renowned for our ability to deliver our events in a relevant, safe, and enjoyable way for all attendees. All of our courses are built around our Three Pillars of Success: Relevant and Applicable Material Safe learning environment Enjoyable and Engaging Delivery Retention is a bi-product of attention. To ensure your team retain and can use the training effectively in real-world situations, the courses are designed to teach a serious subject in an engaging and relaxed environment using Best-Practice training methods to provide the ultimate outcome. In short, your team will leave with real information which works, and have a great time learning it!
  • What do we need to provide?
    A team of people willing to learn is a great start. Other than that, and a suitable training venue, we provide everything needed.
  • How many attendees can you include in a single event?
    This depends on the type of course and can vary greatly. We can chat about this with you to come up with the best solution for you.
  • How flexible are Protect when it comes to custom-designing a specific course for us?
    We are fully customer-focused in all respects, after all, without our clients we don’t have a company. Our goal is always to over-deliver with the value we provide, and every course and workshop is custom-designed to meet your exact needs and requirements. In short…We are completely flexible because every course is 100% about your needs.

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