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Team Building

Fun, Safe, and interesting events which provide real value and life-skills to your team.

We have over a decade of fantastic success at delivering team-building events to businesses and organisations throughout New Zealand with excellent results for our clients. Whether it be for a conference, corporate wellness programme initiative, or just a fun activity for your teams, we can help. 

We have specially designed programmes, workshops, and seminars to work within your timeframe and budget.


From a one-hour short workshop or presentation, to multi-day events, we can do it all. We have delivered programmes to small teams and groups as well as to conferences with over 1500 people, and the feedback is always great!


Our team building events are designed to be enjoyable (fun), inclusive (everyone can do it), safe, and empowering while delivering real and valuable life skills to help your teams gain the skills and confidence to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. They are completely unique and very different to what most people think they are going to get (no ninja stuff!)


Events can be custom designed to focus on different topics such as self defence for women, self defence for everyone, de-escalation and communication, personal safety, or a bit of everything!

Give your team something different and really valuable for your next team building event! Get in touch now to discuss the best options for you and we look forward to a cool experience with your team! 

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"I thought the seminar was fantastic, informative, useful, practical, with very sensible advice on offer. I feel I really learnt a lot of from the session, the presenter had a wealth of knowledge, sharing his own personal experiences and lessons for everyone else's benefit, very inspiring actually!"

-  S Chopping _ Telecom New Zealand

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