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About the Team

The Protect Self Defence Team


Phil Thompson


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Phil Thompson is the founder and International Director of Protect. He is the author of two influential books on self-defence, a keynote speaker and highly regarded self-protection expert. Phil leads courses, presentations, and seminars and instructs a diverse range of clients in Protect programmes all over New Zealand and further abroad. 

With over 20 years’ experience teaching in his field, an in-demand speaker, trainer, and advisor he has helped empower tens of thousands of people with the skills and confidence to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Phil believes that beyond the physical, effective self-protection involves a variety of behavioural, emotional, psychological, ethical and legal aspects. To understand them all is to truly feel safe.

Clients include professionals not new to violence, such as Police (including special units) and other emergency services personnel and various other Government Departments. He has also served as a consultant to government departments on training module design for at-risk staff including as a consultant to the United Nations Department of Safety and Security.

He regularly teaches Corporate clients, Government departments, businesses of all types and sizes, schools, and everyday men and women concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones. 

Phil has worked first-hand with over 600 survivors of violence, and has developed partnerships with many front-line survivor and support agencies including RPE, Women’s Refuge, YWCA, and several others. Phil constantly updates Protect material based on feedback from the front-lines.

He is widely regarded as one of the nation’s leading experts on the topic of self-defence/self-protection. His unique perspective on self-defence, developed in part by his own life experiences dealing with real violence and conflict, has pioneered a new standard in the industry. His ability to present a serious subject in an effective, engaging, safe and enjoyable way has earned him an International reputation.


Jim Armstrong


Jim is one of the most recognised and renowned trainers in Australia and founder of Raw Combatives.

He is well known for his rare ability to make complex subjects simple to understand and his ability to communicate information is an easy-to-digest way which leaves attendees feeling confident and empowered.

With over 40 years’ experience in his own training, there is not much Jim doesn’t understand about Personal Safety. He has hosted many of the leading experts in the world to learn from and that has helped him craft his teaching style and approach. He has appeared on magazine covers and written countless articles for industry publications.

Jim regularly teaches clients at all levels, from Police Officers, to Bodyguards, from Corporates to children and people from every walk of life. He has taught in Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, UK, Ireland, Germany, Finland and Belgium and with more than 28 years’ experience teaching he has a friendly, relaxed and confident presentation style which has attendees learning and laughing at the same time.


Everybody leaves a presentation with Jim feeling more confident, empowered, and with simple and realistic skills to stay safe, along with having many laughs and a great time!


Jim is passionate about teaching Corporate and Business groups throughout Australia and also instructs as part of the Women's Self Defence Network.

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Corrina Dixon



Corrina’s knowledge on the subject of Self-Protection, particularly for women, is rivalled only by her passion to share it, and it shows.

With more than a decade of experience, Corrina is dedicated to empowering women with the skills and confidence to stay safe against all kinds of violence, threats, and controlling or dangerous behaviours.

She has been a considerable influencer in the content delivered at our renowned 'Safe For Life' women's self defence course and all other Protect programs focusing on self defence for women.

Originally a trained school teacher, her passion turned towards working in the social sector with at-risk youth and vulnerable families as well as support services associated to families with an incarcerated member. This role, along with a decade of research, training, and instructing at Protect has given her a broad perspective of the realities of violence which is hard to rival.

Corrina has a strong reputation as a dynamic presenter and trainer, with a rare ability to employ empathy with a no-nonsense approach ensuring everyone she works with walks away feeling empowered and confident and with necessary skills based in reality.

She has worked with many hundreds of survivors of various types of violence and is an expert in the pre-contact stages of dangerous behaviour as well as showing women how to use their natural defence mechanisms to defend themselves.

She has worked at all levels, from teaching at the Royal New Zealand Police College, to Corporate groups, Community groups, and men, women, and children of all ages and from all backgrounds. 

Corrina is affectionately nicknamed ‘Tazzy’ by us here at Protect, due to the fact that training with her fells like being mauled by a Tasmanian Devil. She also has a unique ability to mix humour with a serious subject to make everyone feel comfortable and safe.

Corrina leads seminars, workshops and programs throughout NZ


Protect also have a passionate team of over 20 Accredited Trainers throughout New Zealand. Whatever your requirements, there is a team-member available and ready to assist you. Contact the Protect team HERE

"You should be very proud of the work you are doing and the added

protection you are providing people and their families."

Nicki Farrow

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