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Verbal defusion, de-escalation, tactical communication, and confrontation management skills which really work.

Protect’s ‘Controlling Confrontation’ course is designed to equip your team with the skills to verbally defuse and de-escalate aggressive, upset or angry individuals and provide a platform for dialogue wherever possible.


The skills learned also significantly increase general communication skills and abilities, which has profound benefits to the attendee and the organisation.

This engaging and interactive course introduces attendees to relevant and simple strategies to help control situations where a customer, colleague or anyone else is angry, frustrated, upset or abusive.


The principles and techniques explored are simple to retain and to use under pressure. 

This course will add value to any team who work with clients at a face-to-face level and anybody who wants to improve their communication skills overall.


Regardless of whether you are confronted with an angry, escalating, abusive, or aggressive person, or if you need to have any form of 'difficult conversation' this training will add significant value to you.

We can deliver this course anywhere in New Zealand and the course can be tailored to anything from an hour to a full-day experience.

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"This seminar was vary realistic, wasnt like other conflict

resolution courses I've done before. The realistic scenarios

will really help with my role at work."

- T A'Costa - Auckland City Council

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