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Our Approach

About Protect Self Defence / Protect Training Systems

Protect offer the most comprehensive and effective self-protection and self-defence programmes available in New Zealand and Australia to Corporations, Government departments and businesses and organisations of all types. But more importantly, they are also some of the most simple, effective, and enjoyable.

Our approach is totally client-centric and we are completely flexible in helping design a course structure which will deliver exactly what you need.

We custom-design every course specifically for your exact requirements. Options include short courses (from one hour) for Corporate Wellness Programs, Conferences or Team-Building events, to Keynote talks and engaging presentations, through to custom-designed courses for frontline staff at all levels.

All courses are delivered based on our Three Success Pillars;

  • Relevant and effective content and material (it has to really work!)

  • Safe training environment (It has to be physically and emotionally safe)

  • Enjoyable and engaging delivery (People learn more when they are relaxed and enjoying it!)

Protect's self-defence programmes build up ‘mental files’ with easy to understand material and safe and controlled exercises. If the real thing happens and you find yourself in danger, you won't be taken by surprise, panic or freeze up; instead, you'll have the right file to refer to if a confrontation arises and the knowledge and skills to best protect yourself and stay safe.

Protect’s programs are built around Four Pillars of Personal Safety:

  1. Avoidance, Awareness, and Recognition

  2. De-Escalation, Verbal Diffusion, and Tactical Communication

  3. Physical Response

  4. Post-Event Issues

We teach effective and easy-to-learn ways of identifying and avoiding danger if possible, communicating your way through the situation if needed, and finally protecting yourself in a physical way if absolutely necessary. We can also go beyond that by dealing with what happens after an event: your own psychological and emotional responses, possible retaliation, dealing with law enforcement and so on. 

Our unique system of personal protection draws on over 20 years of training over 100,000 people, including Police and other Government departments, Survivor Organisations, and women and men from all positions and backgrounds.  

Protect does not teach complicated and unfamiliar 'moves' that require hours of practice. Instead, we impart instinctive self-protection techniques, and behavioural tactics and strategies which feel natural and are easily remembered when under pressure. 


Events can be custom designed to focus on different topics such as self defence for women, self defence for everyone, de-escalation and communication, personal safety, or a bit of everything!

Protect's programmes have been tried, trained and tested for over two decades. They have been successfully used by Police, security personnel, corporate front-line teams, and everyday men and women of all ages to keep themselves safe and avoid or survive potentially violent situations. 

For more information on our courses, workshops, and programs make an enquiry


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"These 2 days have possibly been more valuable to me from a self

protection perspective than all my years of dojo training"

S Bradley - Defensive Tactics Instructor, NZ Police

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