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Custom-Designed Self Defence Courses & Workshops

Engaging, Real, Safe, Valuable.

Our custom-designed self defence, de-escalation, and personal safety courses and workshops are all about delivering massive value to you and your team.


Each course is designed to address your exact requirements, and provide immediately applicable skills, increased confidence and team unity in an engaging, safe, and enjoyable forum.


Protect’s courses are delivered using our unique communication approach which keeps them engaging and enjoyable while delivering maximum retention and effectiveness.


Protect provide professional corporate training in the form of specialised courses, workshops and seminars to businesses of all types and sizes throughout New Zealand. 

We offer anything from a one-hour address to staff or short course, to a full day or multi-day programme of theory and practice, and everything in between depending on your needs, including highly effective team building workshops. 

​Protect's many clients include companies and organisations as diverse as;

Protect_E-Book_ICONWEB 2018 v2White.jpg

and many others who have benefited from Protect's expertise in providing self-defence and self-protection training, confrontation management skills, and personal safety training.

Protect’s unique programmes can include training on the behavioural, psychological and emotional aspects of conflict and violence, and result in heightened communication and decision making abilities under pressure which can be applied to all areas of the participant’s life. 

We provide highly effective training in:



Because they can be tailored to your needs, Protect’s corporate programmes also provide fantastic opportunities for morale and team building. Courses are taught in an interesting and engaging way, with plenty of opportunity for activity and vigorous discussion. 


We adhere to excessively strict Health & Safety Guidelines and we are certified by the Internationally-recognised ISNETWORLD, renowned for very rigorous and strict compliance standards.

We can deliver a programme to your company anywhere in New Zealand or Australia. Minimum or maximum number of attendees required vary based on the type of course, please have a chat with us to find out what is the best option for you.

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