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Protect are New Zealand's leading training organisation providing highly effective courses, workshops and programmes to corporations and businesses of all sizes, Government departments and organisations of every type throughout New Zealand. Our courses are also safe, interesting and enjoyable!

Protect's Self-Defence, Verbal Communication, and Personal Safety programmes and workshops enable you and your team to recognise, avoid, diffuse and - if absolutely necessary – defend against real world threats or violence. Our programmes give attendees the confidence and skills to know that they will manage the situation and get home safely whatever the circumstances (without creating un-necessary fear). It’s that simple.


All of Protect’s programs and events are custom-designed to meet your exact needs. From short workshops as part of a Corporate Wellness Program, Team-Building or Conference Event, to customised training programs on every aspect of Self-Protection, Communication, and Personal Safety. Whatever you need we have a solution.


Protect are Internationally renowned for our highly effective and unique delivery of our courses. Every event is built of the foundations of:


  • Relevant and effective content and material

  • Safe training environment

  • Enjoyable and engaging delivery


20+ years involved with teaching over 100,000 people Australasia-wide has helped us develop training experiences which your team will gain real and retainable skills and information from, and have a great time learning it!


Protect’s programmes are safe, interesting and highly valuable to everyone in any profession. Our programmes are built on four pillars:


  1.  Avoidance, Recognition, and Awareness

  2.  De-escalation, diffusion, and tactical communication

  3.  Physical response/’Self-defence’

  4.  Post-event issues


We teach you to recognise and understand the behavioural, emotional and psychological aspects of an escalating, aggressive, or violent person(s) without having to live in fear or constant worry.  The goal is to have strategies to help avoid potential danger at its earliest point. If it cannot be avoided we train you to defuse and de-escalate the situation if possible, and when a physical response is absolutely necessary, we prepare you with realistic physical skills which work under stress and pressure in any situation and environment. 


Events can be custom designed to focus on different topics such as self defence for women, self defence for everyone, de-escalation and communication, personal safety, or a bit of everything! All job-specific workshops are custom-designed to deliver exactly what you need.

Protect's founder and International Director, Phil Thompson, is widely regarded as a leading expert on the subject of self-defence/self-protection and violence prevention. With over 20 years' experience, he has trained many thousands of people from every walk of life from Government Departments, Corporate teams of all sizes, CEO's and celebrities, students to Police officers. He is the author of two top-selling books and consults to Government Departments and Corporations at all levels.


Protect's instructors are highly trained in all aspects of self-protection, personal safety, empowerment, and violence prevention, as well as professionally trained at delivering the material in an engaging and effective way.


You are in safe hands with Protect and we look forward to working with you!

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"Whatever your self-protection goals, protect offers a solution to educate, equip, and empower."


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