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Anger: An ingredient for dumb decisions

Anger...Literally makes you dumber.

In self defence and self-protection situations, where you need to maintain high Situational Awareness, make critical decisions, de-escalate and/or communicate effectively, or apply a reasonable level of physical force to protect yourself or someone else...

Dumber = Dangerous.

Self-Defence starts with the SELF.

Learning to control stress responses, including anger, is vital. It makes you more efficient, more effective, and an all-round better human being.

And the good news is, managing and controlling your anger response is a skill that you can practice and strengthen every day. With a colleague, customer, or boss. When someone cuts you off in traffic. With a spouse or family member. With yourself when you make a mistake.

"Low stakes practice for high-stakes results"

The more you train it, the better you get at it.

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