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Making mistakes is an unavoidable and integral part of self protection and self defence training. It is a part of the process of self development and without making them, we wouldn't end up at our goal.

The learning curve is steepest at the beginning and that is always the hardest and most uncomfortable part of the process.

It takes somewhere between 20 - 70 repetitions to create a new neural pathway, AKA a new 'Mental File'. Which means those first 20 are going to be the hardest ones...

Whether you are practicing a new communication technique, a new awareness or recognition strategy, a new strategy for self control or a physical self defence tactic...We need to train them consistently.


"We want to use low-stakes practice to achieve high-stakes results"

You can see why practice is vital when it comes to personal safety and the safety of your loved ones. If we're going to make mistakes (and we are) we want to make them in training, not in a real-life situation. It will never go exactly to plan regardless, but training and practice means it will be as close as possible.

What self-development skill are you choosing to practice today?If you are in the mod to increase your skills, decide on one and practice it in low stakes environments where there is no risk. Accept that you will fail. And make a conscious decision to be excited by that as you just got one step closer to mastery (or at least competence).

Fail Forward and Fail Fast.

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