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Can learning self defence be fun and effective at the same time?

The answer is yes. In fact, it has to be.

We work with and train many thousands of people every year in Corporate self defence courses for wellness programs, conferences, team-building events or job-specific training. We also train Government departments, colleges, community groups, and members of the public, people from every walk of life.

One thing has proven true over the past 20+ years of teaching...

People learn best when they are having a good time and feel safe and in control.

There are elements of certain types of training we do with some clients (stress inoculation drills and scenario training) where there is no fun, it is designed to induce uncertainty, fear, and discomfort, but not all training can be like that.

Most clients want to learn great skills but also to have a good time in the process (weird huh?)

Our brains work better, more effectively, and retain information better when we are in a positive state of mind. So we take a serious subject and deliver it in a relaxed and interesting way, to INCREASE the effectiveness of the training.

So when we post photos of people training and laughing and smiling, don't worry...It's a good thing!

To learn some very important skills and have a good time doing it with your team, get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

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