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Confrontation Management: How to get it VERY wrong

Trigger Warning: Extreme language and Violence. Discretion advised.

How many hundreds of situations like this will unfold today in NZ?

How did these guys do?

❌ Recognition of Pre-Contact Indicators: Fail

❌ Awareness of threats vs intimidation: Fail

❌ Ego control (even minimal): Fail

❌ Proximity Control: Fail

❌ Strategic body positioning for safety: Fail

❌ ANY de-escalation tactics: Fail

❌ Self Control: Fail

❌ Self Awareness: Fail

❌ Ability to control stress response: Fail

❌ Awareness of threats vs intimidations: Fail

❌ Situational awareness: Fail

❌ Tactical communication skills: Fail

❌ Awareness of concealed weapons: Fail

❌ Ability to deal with antagonistic person trying to pick a fight: Fail

❌ Awareness of situation being recorded and/or secondary threats: Fail

❌ Ability to not commit (probably) 'Assault with Intent to injure': Fail

❌ Even the FIRST clue about self-defence: Fail

And we could go on.

Social Violence is so predictable (most of it). Do you have the skills to deal with this type of situation or similar?

For effective, world-class training in managing confrontation, aggression, or escalating people, get in touch with us for a chat about the best options for your team or organisation.


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