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Is violence right sometimes?

Yes, absolutely it is. But it should be an absolutely last, or only, resort, and it is necessary to know how to use it efficiently.

Most potentially dangerous or violent situations can be dealt with at their earliest point through Avoidance/Recognition and De-Escalation strategies. But not all.

These things can fail, or sometimes not even be possible, such as in an ambush attack.

Everyone has the resource of violence within them, it is only the justification of when we use it that changes.

If violence is your only option, you are in a lot of trouble. If violence is not an option at all because you are not effective at it, equally you could be in real trouble.

If it is necessary, within the physical response spectrum are many different force options which need to be considered; From low-level responses through to high-level where life is in danger (the pic is an example of high-level demo at an Auckland self defence course).

The legal, moral and ethical considerations are vital to understand, as is your ability to control your level of response in high-stress situations where fear and/or anger are the driving emotions.

Self Defence is about the ability to manage all different levels of threats and violence, starting with managing yourself and working out from there.

And at other times...Hug each other. The world needs more hugs. 😍

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