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One heartbeat. One punch. Two lives ruined...

One punch can change everything

For you. For the receiver of the punch. For their family. For your family. For everyone you love…

Him: “It’s all just a blur, I don’t even remember how it happened really…It was just a real s**t night”

Phil: “What do you remember?”

Him: "We were just having a good time. Then I heard him yell ‘Yo!’ behind me. I turned around and he shoved me really hard and started saying something about me having a problem with him. I didn’t even know what he meant. Next thing I know I’d smacked him in the head”

Phil: "What happened next?"

Him: “Everyone was yelling and getting involved. It was a full-on mess. Then someone started yelling out to get an ambulance. I don’t really remember it; I just remember seeing him on the floor not moving. Turns out he whacked his head pretty hard on the bench. Lucky he didn’t die actually, but he was pretty bad."

Phil: "Then what happened?"

Him: "Then the ambulance and the cops came and I got charged. There were recordings of it all. It looked different when I saw the recording, didn’t really look as bad when he shoved me. I probably could have got out of it without hitting him really but I didn’t think of that. I was just reacting.

I wish I hadn’t hit him though. Everything is pretty stuffed now, all because of that punch. I wish I could go back and change it, it ruined everything. It was the worst mistake I ever made”

This is the type of conversation I have had and heard about, hundreds of times over the years.

Learn to manage what we at Protect call ‘The Heartbeat Moment’. If a physical response is all you have, out of fear, anger, or that is all you have learned in your ‘self defence’ training…You are in trouble.

Give yourself the benefit of having options.

One punch. One shove. One grab. And your life can change forever. The ripple effect of violence is profound and powerful. Learn to get ahead of it.

To discuss this or ask questions jump over to our Facebook page, or get in touch to arrange courses or workshops for your team.

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