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Watch a 'predator' work around Stranger Danger

Wow. How’s this for perfect timing of this experiment given the topic of our articles this week? 😳

Here it is, live and in action, reinforcing everything we’ve said this week.

Notice the use of the ‘Pet Lure’.

The young man did an amazing job! 💪🤜🏼💥

Again, The Stranger Danger message on its own is dangerous. It needs to be taught, to address the 1% of predators who are strangers (“low chance, high consequence”), but taught in a different way to usual.

Note the little girl’s assessment of “He didn’t look like a bad man” as covered in our articles this week.

The boy responded perfectly! Whoever taught him that has done a brilliant job. That’s what we teach and aim to achieve for this issue, to cover the 1% of child predators.

Then focus on the 99% of the problem, which is normally completely ignored.

Interesting! 😊

Thank you WSDN (Women's Self Defence Network) for the link! 😍

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