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Watch a 'predator' work around Stranger Danger

Wow. How’s this for perfect timing of this experiment given the topic of our articles this week? 😳

Here it is, live and in action, reinforcing everything we’ve said this week.

Click HERE to watch the video via Facebook

Notice the use of the ‘Pet Lure’.

The young man did an amazing job! 💪🤜🏼💥

Again, The Stranger Danger message on its own is dangerous. It needs to be taught, to address the 1% of predators who are strangers (“low chance, high consequence”), but taught in a different way to usual.

Note the little girl’s assessment of “He didn’t look like a bad man” as covered in our articles this week.

The boy responded perfectly! Whoever taught him that has done a brilliant job. That’s what we teach and aim to achieve for this issue, to cover the 1% of child predators.

Then focus on the 99% of the problem, which is normally completely ignored.

Interesting! 😊

Thank you WSDN (Women's Self Defence Network) for the link! 😍

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