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What would you do?

What would YOU do?

Full video here:

This brings up some important questions;

Can you rely on others to help when you need it?

How do you manage this type of situation?

Dealing with drunk, aggressive people has it's own special blend of challenges.

To manage this type (or any type) of aggression you need training ahead of time;

'You need the map BEFORE you go in to the woods'

When something specific (like overtly filming) is antagonizing someone in a situation like this and is the focal point of aggression, if possible, remove it. Eliminate the challenge and let them feel they have won. Always let them feel they have 'a way out'.

It's obvious that the targeted person here was recording to capture evidence, but if that is your only self-protection option (to record your own assault) you are very limited, and if the recording is the whole cause of the assault then probably worth aborting...

It's challenging to do without any training or plan ahead of time though so acknowledging this person (target) did the best with what he had, it is a clear display of the apathy of the Bystander Effect in action, and the need for EVERYONE to be able to be their own bodyguard.

Self defence training is just like First Aid training. It is invaluable. We hope to never need it, but if we do, it will be the difference that makes the difference.

Get in touch with us to chat about options for your team or organisation.


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