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Would you want YOU to watch your back?

Thought for the day:

"Fortunately, or unfortunately, we take ourselves with us wherever we go"

Self-Protection training is all about Self-Development. They are one in the same.

Having knowledge is this area increases our confidence and empowers us with the abilities to feel less afraid or anxious, to recognise potential danger at it's earliest point and to protect ourselves physically as an absolute last resort if necessary.

Not to mention significantly increasing communication, negotiation and inter-personal skills, self-control, patience, empathy, and our ability to manage stress and high-pressure situations effectively. These are life skills which improve every aspect of our lives, not just the prevention or management of violence.

Physical self defence skill is like First Aid training. We hope we won't need it, but when we do, the stakes are high and it can be the difference that makes the difference.

Remember, in the situations that we most need it, we don't rise to the occasion, we fall to the level of our highest preparation.

This applies to everything we do in life.

If you have never felt unsafe, never experienced any kind of violence or control or intimidation or manipulation, if you've never had to de-escalate someone or have a difficult conversation or argument, if you've never been bullied or harrassed or intimidated or made to feel uncomfortable...AND you think there's no chance of any of those things ever happening to you or anyone you love...Then you're probably OK.

If, however, you can see the value in knowing how to deal with these things, because you're worth it, and you have a right to feel safe and in control of yourself...Would it be a bad idea to explore the options for some training?

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