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Millennials: Lazy, entitled, Disengaged, Challengers...I'm Excited!

Millenials and iGen's; Apparently they are lazy, they challenge everything, they are disengaged, and they want it all NOW! That's good news...

Protect Self Defence does not just training Corporate, businesses, Organisations and Government, we are also involved in some amazing programs in colleges. One program we run with our Partners at Hestia Women's Refuge is yielding results unlike anything we have ever heard of, we are very proud of it.

I am constantly working with Millennials on a consistant basis and yet my experience of them does not line up with what I am constantly hearing and reading.

One thing is for sure; These people are the future. From our perspective of Personal Safety and Self-Protection, these people are the future offenders, or they are the future disruptors who will help make positive change.

Every day I hear or read how the Millennials and Gen Z’s (‘iGen’s’) are entitled, challenging, can’t communicate, and are disengaged.

And that is EXACTLY my experience from working with thousands of them every year. And that excites the hell out of me.

✅ Are they ‘Entitled’? Yep. The recent protest marches is just one display of that. They feel ‘entitled’ to a better situation than what they have been served up. They feel entitled to stand up and do something about the mess and broken systems they are inheriting. And to that I say…Go get ‘em team!

✅ Do they challenge everything? You better believe it! As a teacher, I encourage that in every way and at every age. In fact, I ask them to do it; to challenge everything I say or show them. I refuse to try to suppress an attitude which is desperately required in the modern world. A generation of people who challenge the status quo will produce growth, change, and evolution. They don’t tolerate mediocrity or stupidity simply because it is tradition or standard practice. Whew!

I ask them to do it; to challenge everything I say or show them. I refuse to try to suppress an attitude which is desperately required in the modern world.

✅They ‘Can’t communicate’? Really? That is news to me. I spend time with these young people communicating about some of the toughest and hardest issues they are facing, have faced, or will ever face. Just this last week I worked with a over 100 young women and over 100 young men at two colleges over 20 hours and believe me, there was no issue with communication. What I did notice was a heightened level of empathy and connectiveness, and many very intelligent, inspired questions and conversations around some major issues. There is nothing wrong with their communication, they just have more ways of doing it then we ‘oldies’ did. And if they want to share the key messages that we share with the world via 97 different Social Media platforms…I say “Woohoo! Please do it!”

✅ But they are so disengaged, right? Yep. And I am too. Disengaged to anything which I see as pointless, antiquated, stupid, damaging, outdated, or boring. Funnily enough, we don’t experience dis-engagement in our courses. Ever. I wonder why? Could it be that if they are being presented with relevant, interesting, valuable, and genuine information that they will engage with it?

Geez, there’s rocket-science for ya! 😃

Violence in all of its many forms will either be committed, reduced, or stopped by these people in the future. My experience is showing me that they are wanting to change the way it is at the moment, they do not want to tolerate or perpetuate it, and they are HUNGRY for the skills to help them to do that.

I have a lot of faith in these young people and believe with all of my heart that if we give them the chance and the tools, that they will change the world for the better.

That excites me. 😍😎

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