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New people in your life: Be quick to dismiss and careful to include...

Many predators don't display initial behaviour which make it obvious they are dangerous.

Although there are always signs, adept predators hide those signs. The good news is that even the way they try to hide them are signs in themselves.

Our self defence programmes help you identify these signs and the ways in which people try to mask them.

The headline here is:

Be very considered and cautious about who you allow into your world, and very fast to dismiss someone who triggers your intuition or displays red flags.

Many predators are at first the 'charming' person you chat to at the bar. Or the helpful neighbour. Or the 'lovely' person you connected to on Tinder. Or the 'perfect person' for you, who your friend hooked you up with.

There are genuinely nice, lovely, and kind people out there, and we all need more nice people around us. But 'charm' and 'niceness' are abilities, they are not necessarily character traits. They can be used as tactics to hide sinister intent.

You have all met a 'nice' or 'charming' person, who, if you knew their history, would shock you (or terrify you).

This is particularly important in women's self defence, although these strategies cross all genders.

So should we be afraid of meeting new people and inviting them into our lives? No.

Should we be cautious and guarded until we have had a chance to see them without their mask? Yes.

That is not paranoia, is is intelligent, diligent, and at the heart of self-protection.

Our self defence and personal safety courses for corporate, government, and organisations can cover these signs and tactics in detail leaving attendees empowered, and more confident to identify the early signs of danger. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Feel free to discuss or ask questions over at our Facebook page.


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