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Playing to their weaknesses...

Note: Only a tiny fragment of a much larger, changeable and more complex picture...

The 'Passive Stance' is a truly active psychology tactic, excellent for situations that could be possible to de-escalate or for lulling an attacker in to a false sense of security and control. Using a non-threatening posture plays to the person's ego and sense of power.

This applies in the early stages of an altercation, where we are aiming to de-escalate, or potentially set up a pre-emptive strike if we have no other choice and we are legally, morally, and ethically justified in applying physical self defence.

If an attack is imminent and a physical response is necessary to keep safe, your 'shields' (hands) can become your weapons with explosive force and energy without telegraphing our intentions.

From the 'Passive Stance' we have open opportunities to shield and diffuse an elevated aggressor whilst we lower their guard, but if necessary, attack with ballistic energy; seeking vital points and owning the space and structure of the attacker, in order to escape to safety.

This is only one small aspect of the multiple layers which go into this strategy, but the take-away from this short post is this; If we are in a confrontation which can not be avoided, positioning our hands up in a non-threatening manner is absolutely vital.

If you want you and your team to learn effective skills which could make the vital difference, we would love to hear from you!

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