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Quantum Leap: What do you do?

Remember the TV show 'Quantum Leap'? If you're too young to remember, basically a guy called Sam enters a time machine and is unexpectedly and uncontrollably leaping through different times, finding himself in the bodies of other people. In the blink of an eye, he's in another place and in someone else's body.

So...That just happened to you. You blinked, and you are now the girl on the right in the photo. The reality of the situation hits you, first as confusion and shock, then as a moment of recognition of what is going on.

So..What are the first few things you do, in the next few moments?

What self protection, self defence, de-escalation, communication strategies or tactics do you deploy immediately and why?

Discuss on our Facebook page.

Let's see what you got! :-)

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