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Will you take the bait?

This guy is indeed a jackass.

This girl is patient, composed, and dignified while dealing with a complete moron. Good for her!

Another option when dealing with a ‘typecast’ statement from someone (a comment, accusation, or statement usually involving a subtle or obvious insult, and purely designed to trigger a reaction) is this:

No response. Shut it down immediately. When the purpose of the typecast is to get a reaction, you win by giving none.

This is usually the best option but also the hardest. You are the fish...They have thrown out the line, bait, and hook. Swim off, that bait tastes horrible.

On the first insult this guy threw at her: Block. Goodbye for ever. Adios.

Protect Adage:

‘When someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time’.

One of the most important aspects of self defence is early recognition to enable avoidance through awareness and intuition. If you can see the tactic being used on you, it loses power.


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